The 13th International Conference on X-Ray Lasers (ICXRL 2012) will be held June 11th – 15th 2012 in Paris, in famous Quartier Latin, inside the historical Center of Cordeliers. Many rich monuments are also to be found in the area. The Pantheon, located on the top of Mt. St-Geneviève, looks out over all Paris. Visitors often love to stroll through this quaint, historic area; its many cafés, restaurants, theatres, and little bookshops make it a lively and attractive place to visit. 

This conference is a continuing series and will be dedicated to recent developments and applications of x-ray lasers and other coherent x-ray sources with attention to supporting technologies and instrumentation. New results in the generation of intense, coherent x-rays and progress toward practical devices and their applications will be reported. Areas of research in plasma-based x-ray lasers, 4th generation accelerator-based sources and higher harmonic generation will be presented.

Main Topics

We invite investigators in this and related fields to contribute original research articles as well as review papers. 
The scope of ICXRL 2012 includes, but is not limited to:

• Laser-pumped X-ray lasers 
• Discharge excitation and other pumping methods
• Harmonics and short wavelength Laser
• Injection/seeding of X-ray amplifiers
• New lasing transitions and novel X-ray laser schemes 
• Free-electron laser generation in the XUV and X-ray range
• XUV and X-ray optics and metrology
• Driving laser technology
• Applications of high brightness and ultrashort X-ray sources
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