Current list of Invited Speakers

Hiroyuki DAIDO (APLTI, Japon) : " Real-time observation of laser heated metals with high brightness monochromatic x-ray techniques"

Brendam DROMEY (QUB, UK) : " Attosecond synchrotron emission from electron nanobunches in relativistic laser plasmas "

Philippe ZEITOUN (LOA, France) : Time-dependant Bloch-Maxwell modelling of high harmonic seeding in gas and solid amplifiers "

Sasa BAJT (CFEL, Germany): " Mutlilayer X-ray optics for Free Electron Lasers "

Liming CHEN (IOP, China) : " X-ray generation from high contrast laser-driven clusters "

Fabien QUERE (CEA, France) : " X- ray generation from plasma mirror""

Luca GIANESSI (ENEA, Italy) : " The present status and perspectives of seeded soft-x-ray FEL "

Boris ECKER (GSI, Germany) : " X-ray laser development at PHELIX "

Timur ESIRKEPOV (JAEA, Japon): " High Power Gamma-Ray Flash Emission in the Ultra Intense Laser-Plasma Interaction "

Olivier GUILBAULT (LPGP, France)

Karol Adam JANULEWICZ (APRI, Korea) :  " Speckle statistic, transverse coherence and polarization of soft X-ray laser with transient inversion"

Hyung Taek Kim (APRI, Korea) : " Development of coherent x-ray sources and single-shot coherent imaging "

Michaela Kozlova (IOP, Czech Republic) :

Testsuya KAWACHI (JAEA, Japon) :  " Characterization of laser-driven plasma x-ray lasers and applications for probing materials "

Anna Levy (LULI, France) :  " Generation and investigation of hard X- ray free electron laser heated foils "

Jiunn-Yuan LIN (IAMS, Taiwan) : " High-brightness optical-field-ionization soft x-ray laser and its application "

Kim TA Phuoc (LOA, France) : " Laser driven femtosecond x-ray and gamma-ray sources : Betatron radiation and Compton scattering"

Carmen MENONI (CSU, USA) : "Three dimensional nanoscale composition mapping by soft x-ray laser ablation mass spectrometry "

Jorge ROCCA (CSU, USA) : " High Repetition Rate Table-top Soft X-Ray Lasers at Shorter Wavelengths  

Boris VODUNGBO (LCPMR, France) : " Laser-induced ultrafast demagnetization in the presence of nanoscale magnetic domain network "

Nina ROHRINGER (DESY, Germany) : " Realization of photionization and resonant Raman x- ray lasers at x-ray free-electron laser sources"

Jurg Balmer (University of Bern, Switzerland ) : " Soft-X-Ray lasing down to 6.85 nm in Ni-like samarium "

Fernando Brizuela (Lund University, Sweden) :  " Enhancement of High-Harmonic Generation using a double-cell scheme "



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Invited talks will last 30 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion (35 minutes total)

Regular talks will last 15 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion (20 minutes total)

Posters : The dimensions of the poster boards will be 1.2m x 0.8m, which can accomodate A0 size posters in portrait orientation.
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